Halina Bednenko

Historian, mythologist, writer, certified psychodrama coach, trainer

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Interested in:
Mythodrama, language of symbols in psychology, puberty, forensic psychology.

Professional experience:
Coaching of workshops in mythodrama
teaching of languages of symbols: Tarot and runes of Elder Furthak
Writing non-fiction books


The main publications (in English)

Halina Bednenko "Witch" as a bad word… or Small Witchery Manifesto

Halina Bednenko The Myth Dimension: Existence and nature of myth from the point of view of philosophical-cultural studies

Participated in:

  • Presentation of a report at "Deev's readings: the problems of motivation and tendency of personality" - an interregional research-to-practice conference in Ryazan, Russia. The conference is organized by Academy of the Federal Penal Service (http://www.academjust.ryazantelecom.ru/en/)
  • Presentation of a report at "The psychology of a fairytale and a fairytale of pscychology", the 1st International Fairytales Therapy Festival, Moscow, 2009
  • Presentation of a report and giving of three workshops at "Russian spirit and individuation", the 2nd International conference on depth psychology, Moscow, 2008
  • Workshop at the 5th Psychodrama conference in Moscow, 2007
  • Presentation of a report and giving of a workshop at the 4th Psychodrama conference in Moscow, 2006
  • Three workshops at the International Art-Forum, Crimea, 2005
  • Presentation of a report at the 3rd Psychodrama conference in Moscow, 2005

Developed courses:

1. Mythodrama series:
Greek Gods and Goddesses (22 parts)
Scandinavian Universe: From Birth till the End of the world (9 parts)
Sumerian mythology: The deeds of Inanna (3 parts)
Drama course for young musicians (9 parts)

2. The courses on Tarot as a language of symbols:
General Tarot course for beginners and psychologists (12 lessons)
Courses on different decks (4 lessons)
Tarot-drama: The Way of a Hero through the Major Arkana (1 part)

3. Language of symbols of Elder Furthak Runes course
- about 12 lessen or individual program

4. Women's fairytales: investigation of fairytales subjects and indivudual fairytales by mean of psychodrama, sociodrama and art-therapy.

5. Self developed technique "Greek Gods constellations"


Historical Archive University
Institute of the role training and psychodrama
The Academy of the Federal Penal Service, department of psychology (not graduated yet)


Information on workshops and registration: mythodrama@yahoo.com